Storing Up Profits With Self-Storage Investments

Opportunities to make the smart investment do come in boxes.

The self-storage space is one that intrigues the savvy investor for good reason. Why not make money from the human appetite for consumption and accumulation of ‘stuff’ that drives the need for secure storage.

As an investor you, like us, are probably interested in accumulating wealth not ‘stuff.’

The perpetual human need to acquire and keep ‘stuff’ means that whether it is memorabilia someone can’t part with, a place to safely store items while lifestyles are in transition or a place to hide objects away for a rainy day means folks need safe storage for all manner of things.

Smart investors know when there is a need in the market place, there is an opportunity to step up and provide a solution while at the same time getting a handsome reward for their efforts.

Before you invest in the self-storage unit space, it’s important that you look carefully at the team.

In our experience the success of the investment is directly attributable to the strategic partnerships we form with people who know what they are doing. For example: You wouldn’t want a banker making decisions on how to operate and manage a self-storage unit, right?

Here at the Real Asset Investor we believe in the 10,000 hour rule. To be an expert in anything you need to put in the 10,000 hours.

Following this formula for success, The Real Asset Investor has located a top-tier property management company in Reliant Real Estate Management.

This team is all about self storage and it is their ONE THING. No diversification with these guys. Self storage is all they do and they do it well.

“I have been interested in the self-storage space for more than 20 years. When the opportunity arose we had one of the owners at Reliant Real Estate Management come up to meet me and I took him in to meet with my advisory team. One of whom served on the board of the National Self Storage Association and has owned multiple self storage assets. After 90 minutes of intense interrogations we decided to take it to the next level and Tom and I flew down to the Reliant headquarters in Atlanta to meet with the team. We toured some of their self storage assets and were impressed with their operation. It didn’t hurt that several folks in our investor network had invested in 11 self storage deals with them and couldn’t say enough good things about them.”

– Dave Zook

It’s important that self-storage, just like any other real asset checks all the boxes.

  • Proven Track Record

    Reliant is ranked in the top 30 self-storage operators in the US based on 2017 ISS [Inside Self-Storage] Top Operators List. The company has direct ownership in more than 40 Self storage facilities throughout the southeast and they have a proven track record of profitable management in their self-storage assets.

  • Value Added Components

    Operational value added services such as offering tenant insurance, packing supplies and moving company dealerships like Uhaul are just a few of the profit boosting add-ons that can be created and operated by an experienced management team.

  • Strong Occupancy

    When a site has a 90+% occupancy rate, a waiting list and is currently operating with rental rates at less than market value, the room for growth of the asset’s profitability is obvious.

  • Room for Expansion on Site

    Room for expansion. One of the best ways to add value to an already successful Self-storage asset is to add square footage to it through construction and expansion.

  • Location. Location. Location.

    Prime location, with a high barrier to entry, in an undersupplied market, a strong drive by traffic count and strong residential growth within just a few miles of the site are some of the things we like to see.

The keys to great results in any asset class is to start with a great team.

You're Invited!

The self-storage space offers an opportunity to get great returns on your investment. Where else do you find short monthly lease renewals that provide an option for regular rental increases?

If you have a problem tenant there is no need for a lengthy eviction process.

Self-storage is a stable and recession resistant asset.

During economic corrections the Self storage space has been a very solid and strong performing asset class.

As with any investment you want to understand the space. Knowledge is always key and due diligence is something you practice in any investment opportunity.

The Real Asset Investor is taking full advantage of the opportunity the self-storage asset class provides and we invite you to join us.

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This opportunity is available to accredited investors only.