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Dave Zook


Dave Zook founded The Real Asset Investor in 2015 after growing a handful of successful businesses which resulted in significant tax liabilities. At that time, he became intrigued with how to legally reduce his tax liability and dedicated himself to learning the intricacies of the tax code. He educated himself on this topic, surrounded himself with experts in this field and sought investments in asset classes and with operators that would not only benefit his tax situation but also provide strong returns to protect and build wealth. Dave has become an expert in tax strategy and investments after years of education and experience and founded The Real Asset Investor to help others through education and by offering investments that help achieve their financial plan and goals.

“One needs to be proactive, strategize and create a plan to achieve a tax and investment plan that fits your situation and objectives. Create a plan, stay ahead, and surround yourself with the right people to help you execute on that plan.”

Dave is a successful Business owner, Syndicator and an Investment and Tax Strategist. Dave and his team at The Real Asset Investor have placed more than $800M across various asset classes which offer Cash Flow, Tax Impact and Equity Growth for investors. These asset classes include ATMs, Car Washes, Energy, Self-Storage and more. He and his team are one of the Top 5 ATM Fund Operators in the country. Dave was an early investor in Bitcoin and Digital Assets, and he holds an advisory role at Off the Chain Capital, one of the top performing funds in the world for the last 5 years. Dave is a sought-after speaker and has shared his knowledge across various media platforms such as The International Business Conference, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Cashflow Ninja and others. Dave and his wife Susan along with their 4 children live in Lancaster, PA.


Jack Barry

Chief Operating Officer

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Brett Van Gorden

Portfolio Manager

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Deb Gillenwater


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Sam Gardner

Investor Relations Associate

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Cordell Beiler

Investor Relations Specialist

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Michelle Zerbe

Executive Assistant

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Dylan Barkman

Investor Support

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