Is all turn-key single family home investing created equal?

The answer to this is a resounding NO! It is not equal in risk and it is not equal in reward.

If you want to open the door to profitability from your single family home investment, it pays to get educated before you begin and avoid the many expensive pitfalls that as a ‘lone wolf’ investor you may come across in your ‘learning curve.’

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Unfortunately you don't know what you don't know so let's fix that right now.

Real estate has made more millionaires than any other asset class, and it has also caused more bankruptcies than any other investment. Sobering thought, right? Let's make sure you are on the right side of that equation. Strategy tips include asking the hard questions and seeing the red flags quickly and moving on.

  • Is it truly turnkey?

  • Are you talking to a middleman?

  • What is the rating/Better Business Bureau of the turnkey provider?

  • Is the turnkey provider located in the city/local to the area?

  • Is the turnkey provider experienced with a no foreclosure record?

  • Is the turnkey provider also invested in the local market?

  • Is the property already providing cash flow with no deferred maintenance?

  • Does the turnkey provider rent the property in good condition and attract quality tenants?

  • Does the turnkey provider own the property management company?

Now you know some questions to ask but do you know what answers you need to hear before funding an investment?

Are you ready to eliminate uncertainty in your real estate investment?


The Real Asset Investor team has a wealth of experience to share and providing educational resources for fellow investors is a cornerstone of their business model. Their own investment in the Memphis, TN market (Memphis was rated as Forbe’s #1 cash flow city in the USA!), has proved lucrative and you can benefit from their knowledge and experience in the Memphis market.

Crisis averted

You can avoid the issues with real estate investing and enjoy the benefits of 'recession resistant' single family home investing. How?

Welcome to our world

Yes, you can own a real asset in a dynamic market and enjoy tax benefits, protection from inflation, potential appreciation, and - most importantly - great cash flow well into the double-digits.

Mid South Home Buyers (MSHB) have delivered solid cash flowing single family homes to lots of folks in our network with great results.

Mid South Home Buyers is the company The Real Asset Investor trusts in the single family home market in Memphis TN. For your free report on the Memphis Market and to get connected to the right person at MSHB send an email right now to

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