Shale Oil Investments

Turning Coal Into Profits
What if you could invest in an asset class that would have exposure to a highly sought after commodity without a lot of the downside risks that are considered normal in the commodities markets?

And what if you could get the same tax treatment that you get when you invest in the oil and gas sector where the depreciation/depletion offsets the tax liability on your ordinary income?

Well now you can, and we are excited to be sharing this investment opportunity with you.

Shale Oil Report

Here is our perspective on some of the things we like about this investment opportunity:

  1. Team
    We like the team, they know what they are doing and they have a great team of competent folks. Our CEO and managing partner is very well connected politically. He was appointed to the national coal counsel by President Trump and he is good friends with the head of the Department of Energy and former governor of TX, Rick Perry.
  2. Cash Flow
    When considering the strong double digit cash flow and tax benefits, we are projecting that you would get all of your principle back in less than 2 years.
  3. Tax Benefits
    This investment is eligible for 100% bonus depreciation as well as annual depletion deductions, making this one of the most tax friendly investments we know of. AND the depreciation/losses will offset the tax liability on your Ordinary income (very much like oil and gas without much of the downside risks)
  4. The Asset
    We like it, this asset class has been in a bear market for a long time under the previous presidential administration and although we are talking about coal, this is not a conventional coal play. We will be turning dirty coal into a cleaner energy by deriving valuable, highly sought after liquids from it and then ending up with a product called Coallite™ which is considered cleaner energy.
  5. The Market
    Texas is a very friendly state to do business in, especially when you are talking about the energy business.
  6. Demand
    There is a ton of demand for the liquid products and we have contracts set up with internationally known companies, names that you would recognize.
  7. Stability
    Our partners own or control several hundred million tons of coal which not only gives us access to supply but it ensures that we control the price as well. This makes our outcome much more predictable then a typical commodity investment.
  8. Competition
    The distillation units and the processes are patented and or patent pending, because of our processes we can operate at much lower costs and higher profit margins than the few competitors in the market.
  9. Return of Capital
    When considering cash flow + tax benefits, we are projecting a return of capital in less than 2 years.
  10. Environmentally Friendly
    This is important for a number of reasons. The most obvious is we are taking a historically dirty, toxic energy source and cleaning it up which makes it much easier to garner political support no matter which political party is in office. We are taking one of America’s most plentiful energy sources and extracting oil, gases and liquids all while producing almost zero emmissions into the atmosphere and we have EPA approvals.

Think about it like this, assuming we can make our projected numbers and adding in the tax deductions, an investor who is in the upper tax bracket would get more than 75% of their original invested capital back after the first full year.

You’re Invited!

We have done a lot of due diligence on the CETA team and this asset, but we encourage you to do your own due diligence and join us on our next field trip to Fairfield TX where you will get to meet the team, see our operation and be among some very sophisticated investors who will ask many questions you may not even thought to ask.

We believe there is no better way to do due diligence then to go see for yourself. Ask the hard questions and get the information you need to make wise investment decisions, that’s why we are encouraging you to join us on our investor field trip.

We already have a great group of investors signed up but we have room for a few more.

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