Belize Resort Investments

What is Real About Real Asset Investing in Belize?

Obviously, the key areas to consider before you make any investment is to take a good hard look at return on your investment and appreciation. Belize delivers on both fronts and the ‘allure’ of Belize from an investor’s perspective is much more than white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, the myriad of water sports and family fun that can be enjoyed as a sidebar to property ownership.

Belize is Unique & Ambergris Caye is a Proven Market

Aside from being in the path of progress and consequently experiencing a surge in investment, Belize provides a unique opportunity for several key reasons. Look at the number of boxes Belize checks!

  1. Stable Government with British Common Law
    (Fee simple title, Strong property rights, similar to the US)
  2. Official Language is English
    (the only Central American country to offer this)
  3. Stable Currency ~ $2 Belize = $1 USA
    (both currencies used throughout the country)
  4. Strong Economy, not dependent on tourism
    Unlike some other Caribbean countries who rely on tourism for 90%+ of their GDP, Belize’s tourism market represents only 30% of its GDP. Belize is a net exporter of seafood, citrus, oil and hardwood among other commodities.
  5. Natural Beauty and Appeal
    Only Central American country with Caribbean Tourism Organization membership
  6. Privacy Banking
    (The Belize Central Bank has the highest liquidity requirement in the world)
  7. Tax Haven Status
  8. Zero Capital Gains Tax
  9. Simple Rental Tax Procedures/Low Rates at 1.75%
  10. Strong Asset Protection
  11. Undervalued Real Estate
  12. Excellent Access and Close Proximity to USA ~ Many Direct Flights From North America

What Makes the ROI Pop?

ROI is primarily driven by supply and demand.

When you can rent out an off beach two bedroom condo for $350 a night that you purchased for $250,000 you quickly appreciate that the returns are going to be impressive. The scarcity of rentals and the ever increasing high demand drives the Real Estate investment market and even more importantly is sustainable.

Belize Tourism reports from 2011-2015 clearly indicate that the numbers of needed rooms and accommodations have not kept up with the 65% increase in visitor arrivals that want them! 2016 and 2017 saw even greater increases in overnight tourist arrivals. Those that may have originally visited but then chose not to go home but rather to purchase a retirement home created diminishing availability of overnight accommodation for visitors and room availability continues to decline.

As far as investment in Mahogany Bay Village at Ambergris Caye is concerned check out the proven recipe for success:

  • Take a hefty dose of baby boomers and nomadic workers (remote workers).
  • Mix in a few spoons of ‘flight of capital’ seekers.
  • Throw in a bunch of investors looking for appreciation and diversification.
  • Add well-designed and highly appreciated coastal living accommodations with superb internet connectivity and airlift from over eight major airlines to the location.
  • Sprinkle liberally with great shopping, wonderful dining and beautiful environment offering the largest living barrier reef in the world and a myriad of water sports.
  • Blend together and you get a projected 10-12% ROI on stabilization (this is a conservative number when compared to nearby resorts).

Put Our Experience to Work for You

To garner successful returns on investment any project requires a dedicated, competent and driven team of professionals who have a history of being able to ‘get the job done’. The Mahogany Bay Village (MBV) project has already proven its worth and achieved notable successful affiliations with world-class brands such as Hilton’s Curio boutique hotel collection which offers a no cookie cutter experience, but an authentic and local visit to the location i.e. it is a unique experience which high-end visitors crave.

With over 65 million Honor Members that earn most of their points on business travel, MBV is very happy to help those Honor Members enjoy their downtime Belize style. When you think about due diligence think about the one year and three months it took Hilton to do their own due diligence. This was an excruciating time but at the end of the long process, Hilton engaged wholeheartedly in their affiliation with MBV. It’s also interesting to note that Hilton had previously checked out all the other options in Belize before coming to MBV and saying, ‘Can we talk?’

Add in the Coastal Living Magazine brand, which is owned by Time Inc and you know their affiliation is a keen stamp of approval on the validity of this project. Their affiliation has expanded the reach of MBV through their broad list of magazines but the affiliation with Coastal Magazine, in particular, epitomizes the way the perfect match with the right brand can produce an organic development of a project such as MBV.

Channel Your “Inner Investor”

When you channel your ‘inner investor’ you know that the track record of the team, the incredible affiliations that have been executed and that continue to grow decreases investment risk and maximizes positive results.

While there are plenty of reasons to be nervous about investing offshore, when you partner with the right team you can greatly minimize the risk and highly increase your chances of success.

But then again if you invest solely in one country and one currency, your portfolio will have limited protection as it has limited diversification.

Opportunities Are Limited

In fact, at MBV we only have one more lot left until we are sold out. And speaking of sold out: With 5/6 weeks a year already completely sold out with ‘no room at the Inn’, and record breaking numbers of visitor arrivals in Belize every year, the future is bright for investors who get in early before this market explodes higher.

Think of it like Hawaii in 1960 and get in the action before the world discovers this tiny piece of paradise.

The Real Asset Investor team (the lead investors at MBV) welcomes investors who would like a piece of the action within their syndicated Real Estate group. This group spreads the risk and gives access to folks to be part of something big and exciting for as little as $50,000.00

And don’t forget the added benefit of investing in this space! Your sincere enjoyment of the Belize lifestyle experience that comes with the investment shared with friends and family.

Ask us how you can get 1 week per year of use and enjoyment along with your investment.

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