Is Greater Orlando a great real estate opportunity?

Yes, the Greater Orlando housing market is an area where you can depend on a steady stream of solid cash flow for a long time. Why Orlando?

Orlando provides some serious real estate investment opportunities but you should be careful to do your due diligence in selecting the right properties for the right reasons. Here's some friendly advice on what to look for when evaluating an investment.

You don't want to end up as an investor that reflects on their real estate portfolio and says, " And then that happened…" and has a stream of bad news detailing over:

  • budget property renovations
  • poor property management
  • smooth talking middlemen
  • dire vacancy statistics
  • poor price-to-rent ratios
  • grim occupancy numbers
  • and foreclosures.

No. No one wants that. So how can you safely cash in on 'recession resistant' real estate? Let's take a look.

Whenever you review a market check the data, the Greater Orlando location ticks a lot of boxes:
Yes. The dramatic population influx to Florida over the past ten years with a boost of 40% growth means an additional 800,000 people need housing.
Yes. The current demand in the Orlando MSA housing market has created a considerable inventory shortfall, with less than 2.5 months of inventory available.

Plenty of Attractions Draw Buyers to the Area

Location Matters

When you select a location you need to ensure that it meets certain criteria to facilitate a successful outcome to the bottom line. The Greater Orlando area has sincere benefits to offer such as:

  • Easy commute paths to college and work
  • Affordable for the average worker
  • Pricing less than replacement cost
  • Sufficient supply of investment grade real estate
  • Pricing that will compete with similar size apartments
  • Strong mix of owner-occupied homes in the community

At The Real Asset Investor we know it is imperative that the turnkey operator in any real estate investment meets certain requirements. Our due diligence in securing the best vendors in that space brings peace of mind to our investors and solid cash flow to their portfolios.


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