What if you could earn a “cha-ching” every time someone else uses a designated ATM machine?

We first heard about investing in ATM machines from our friend and local banking legend Bill Poole who is part of our advisory team and a highly respected professional in the banking world. We completed our due diligence and I made an initial investment into the space. 
My first investment in the ATM space was in 2012 and I have personally invested multiple times since, getting more and more comfortable with the fundamentals and understanding the asset class. Since our initial investment, ATMs usage within our sectors have experienced an upward trend and the use of cash has increased globally despite the many new technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Crypto currencies etc. which are mostly competing with credit cards, not cash users. 
ATM investing is as “Real Asset Investing” as it gets. Even though you have direct ownership in your ATMs, the fund blends the performance of a diversified group of ATMs to remove volatility and provide stability. We’re talking predictable cash flow, backed by Real Assets.  
Additionally, since you own the ATM machines you get to depreciate your whole investment in just 5 years! So, what does that mean for you? Depending on your tax bracket roughly 75% of your cashflow for those first 5 years is completely Tax Free!!!
We rolled out this Investment Opportunity to our investors in 2016 and the monthly cash flow has been well into the double digits for our investors every month since, and we expect that to continue.
Think of it like this … investing in ATM machines is like buying an existing company with a predictable and loyal customer base and consistent daily operations … except you get to literally sit back and do nothing while the cash comes in as people use the ATMs you own.
When you invest in Prestige Fund D, you own physical ATM machines which are placed, operated, insured, and maintained by a trusted ATM Management Company. Investors take on zero liability for damaged or vandalized ATM machines as they are insured and replaced by the Management Company if damaged or vandalized.  It doesn’t get more passive than that!


In return for your investment, you receive a portion of the surcharge revenue as well as any future advertising revenue that Management Company is able to secure for us over the 7 year investment.  While there are many, here are just a few reasons why our ATM portfolio offers stable income with little risk:

  • Convenience

    Cash users want a “branch-in-a-box” with the convenience of 24×7 cash source, rather than waiting in line at the bank.

  • High Population Areas

    The ATMs in this fund are located strategically in proven areas with dense population in Tier 1 Cities throughout the USA.

  • Cash is King

    Target consumers who use cash as convenience or as a primary source of payment and these consumers are generally slow adopters to any new technology.

We originally had a $5MM tranche available and we sold out quickly with our investors.  We subsequently were able to secure another $6MM tranche a few month later and that sold out within a few month as well.  Then at end of 2017 we had another $7MM tranche which sold out within 45 days.

Like myself, we have many investors thinking ATMs are one of their favorite asset classes to invest in and we have many happy investors who have invested in ATMs multiple times over the last few years.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our team by sending an email to ATM@TheRealAssetInvestor.com and we will answer your questions. This investment is ONLY available to accredited investors.
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