Dave Zook


Dave Zook is a successful business owner and an experienced real estate investor active in Multi – Family Apartments, Self-storage and the ATM space.

Dave has acquired more than $100 million worth of real estate since 2010. At the time of this writing, he and his investors own approximately 3000 Multi-family Apartment units.

Together with his business partner, Dave is a renowned and trusted professional resource in the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) investment market where they have deployed more than $90 million of investor capital and they are heavily invested personally in the ATM space.

As a #1 Best Selling Author and popular guest speaker Dave has shared his knowledge at the International Business conference, The Jason Hartman Real Estate Mastermind, The Wealth Formula Podcast and the Real Estate Guys Radio show, the #1 most downloaded podcast on Real Estate Investing on itunes.

Dave, his wife Susan and their 4 children live in Lancaster County, PA.


Tom Bertz

Tom Bertz


Tom Bertz is a Certified Public Accountant and real estate investor with over twenty years of experience.

During his accounting career Tom assisted and advised clients on financial, tax and operating issues within their respective organizations.  In addition, he worked with multiple companies/clients as their controller and was in charge of all financial operations.

During his career, he worked with multiple businesses in various fields, including distribution, software, professional services and real estate.  He also worked with international organizations in both Canada and Italy.

After graduation from Drexel University, he partnered with a colleague and began investing in residential real estate.  The projects included renovating an existing building and developing lots for future residential properties.

Through this process, his passion for residential real estate continued to grow. At the present time, they own multiple multi-unit residential properties in South-Central Pennsylvania.

As part of The Real Asset Investor team Tom has been able to leverage his back ground as a CPA and an Investor to add value to our Investor partners.