ATM Investment Opportunity – Time Sensitive

We have a small portfolio of ATMs available for July and August. If you would like to get in the July tranche we are closing it on Monday the 16th. This is a small round and it will fund quickly.

The units we have available will be sold on a first come first served basis.

If you would like a copy of our Executive Summary or our ATM Frequently Asked Questions page, email us and we will send it to you.

Some of the highlights for this investment are:
Strong Cash Flow in the double digits.
Real Asset Ownership.
Recession Resistant.
Aggressive Tax Benefits providing lots of tax free income.
Predictable with no volatility.
Steady uptrend in the use of cash and ATM use.

All these reasons and many more is why our investors keep coming back for more.

If you are an accredited investor, you can read our ATM Investment page for more information.

Add a unit of ATMs to your portfolio while they are still available.

Best Regards

Dave Zook
The Real Asset Investor