RAI Conference…Join us this Tuesday evening!

We have lots of investors already signed up for our Real Asset Investor Conference this coming Tuesday evening but there is still room for you.

Tim Gertz is a partner at Provision and he will be there teaching us about the new tax law and how we as business owners and investors can use it to our advantage.

Tim and his partners at Provision are some of the best Tax and Wealth strategists in the country and I always look for a chance to get around him and learn from him.

Also there are lots of happy Midsouth Home investors in Lancaster county and Liz Knowlin from Midsouth will be traveling from Memphis TN to share about the market and will be presenting opportunities for investors.

Join us on Tuesday evening, see the details on the flyer below.


Tim Gertz who is my personal CPA has helped put me in a position where I’ve literally saved several million dollars in taxes legally in the last several years all while my income has increased drastically.

The old belief that “if you make a lot of money you have to pay a lot of tax” is just not true IF you are strategic and think outside the box.

Liz Knowlin from Mid South Home Buyers has helped a whole bunch of my friends in Lancaster County PA, including my 3 brothers get into good solid cash flowing single family home investments in Memphis TN.

And then I will be teaching some practical tips and investment strategies that I have used personally over the years to create a lot of cash flow as well as put myself in a really good position from a tax perspective.

I will also be sharing on some of the asset classes that I like to invest in and why, as well as some opportunities to partner with The Real Asset Investor team in several different asset classes.

There will be a guest speaker who will share some opportunities on how you can help in a worthy cause and make a positive impact in the world we live in.

All in one night!

It is a going to be a great time and I hope you can join us.
See the flyer above for all the details on the event.