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Provision CPA Tim Gertz will answer your Tax questions….

A few weeks ago I sent out and alert to our investors telling them I was going to Belize to spend 4 days with my CPA, Tim Gertz, and I invited them to join me. So next week 18 of us will be heading down to Belize to enjoy some time together at Mahogany Bay Village, a Curio Collection by Hilton.

This will be a few days of some really cool folks who have done some really big things getting together and sharing best practices in business, sharing investment ideas, and learning from each other. Tim Gertz will be there to answer all of our tax questions and to us teach about the new GOP tax bill and how we can be strategic going forward.

Just to give you a taste of what my conversations with Tim sound like some days, I will give you a little sample:

Dave – If an investor of ours does a short term private money loan (less than 1 year), can he offset his tax liability on that deal with either depreciation from real estate or depreciation from his ATM investment?

Pretty easy right??? I was expecting a simple yes or no answer….WRONG!!


  1. If he is not a real estate professional, and it is one-time loan, and he is going to be issued a 1099-INT, NO.
  2. If he is a REP, and it is treated as interest, then YES for the Real Estate, NO for the ATM.
  3. If he invested in a company that does short term loans as a business, and he is passive, then YES for both the ATM and real estate.
  4. If he is in the business of lending money (actively soliciting potential loans), and he is a REP, real estate YES, ATM NO


So now you know why we need to spend 4 days with him!

We will not be recording any classroom sessions or power point presentations because there will not be any of that, our sessions will be at the beach, poolside and on the boat.

But here is what Tim and I decided to do, for those of you who will not be there we decided to collect your questions from now until Wednesday February 14. If you get me your tax questions, Tim agreed to get in front of a video camera and answer them for you in Belize.

Send your questions to