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The mission of the Real Asset Investor team is to bring investors higher yield investment opportunities across several asset classes by partnering with experienced operators.

With a proven track record of successful investment ventures, Founder/CEO of The Real Asset Investor, Dave Zook, and his investors own well in excess of $100 million worth of real estate acquired since 2010. This includes a large portfolio of Multi-Family Apartments as well as several hundred thousand square feet of Self-storage across several carefully selected markets.

Dave and his team are also one of the top 10 ATM operators in the country with well over $100 million dollars of ATMs placed in service. Furthermore, they are involved in several successful energy-related projects.

The Real Asset Investor team raises capital from accredited investors to acquire assets for cash flow, equity growth, tax benefits and diversification, giving investors options outside of conventional financial markets.

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Dave Zook

You can be conventional, or you can be wealthy. Pick one.™

Are you aware that you walk past a great private investment opportunity all the time?

ATM Machine Ownership Investments

Smart investors know that banks do not own most ATM machines. In fact, the opportunity for great passive investment returns well into the double digits exist in this space and few investors will ever have access to it.

ATM ownership brings you a steady stream of passive income and better yet, most of it is tax-free!!

The Real Asset Investor Team has been heavily invested in this space since 2012 and has never missed the projections on their monthly distributions.

Our Fund D offering has many benefits and it keeps our investors coming back for more.

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Other Investment Opportunities

Below is a sampling of our current open and closed investment opportunities. Our opportunities are available for review to accredited investors only. Click on an investment below for more details.