The Future of Money and Wealth Conference….

What would happen to you if the U.S. dollar lost its role as the worlds reserve currency?
In just a few short weeks we will be with a big group of really smart people in a room for 2 full days to do a deep dive into the future of money and wealth.
This could be one of the most important conferences of the year.

Join me and lots of other successful business owners, entrepreneurs and investors as we gather at
The Future of Money and Wealth Conference
April 6-7, 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Featuring LIVE and IN PERSON
Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad author, investor, host of Rich Dad Radio
Peter Schiff – economist, pundit, best-selling author, host of the Peter Schiff podcast
Chris Martenson – author of Crash Course and host of the Peak Prosperity podcast
G. Edward Griffin – author of The Creature from Jekyll Island
Brien Lundin – gold expert, publisher Golden Opportunities newsletter
Simon Black – investor, entrepreneur, founder of Sovereign Man

PLUS many other experts in economics, investing, oil, gold, crypto-currencies, and their relationship to each other and YOUR portfolio.

Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT financial conference of the decade

Theres SO much happening in global financial markets right now its hard to keep up with. But can any investor afford be ignorant or nave?

Bond markets falling, interest rates rising, rising oil prices, and EXTREME volatility in stocks and cryptos

Not to mention a brand-new U.S. tax law and Fed chair plus China and Russias continued hoarding of gold and colluding to diminish the dollars role in global trade.

History says what happens on Wall Street and Washington affects real estate
The Nixon Shock of 1971 when the U.S defaulted on the gold-backed dollar set the stage for a falling dollar, spiking gold, high unemployment and inflation (stagflation) and ultimately interest rates over 20%

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 took away a critical tax deduction, crashed real estate, and destroyed the savings and loan industry

The new Fed chair in 1987, Alan Greenspan, reinvented the role and began an era of Federal Reserve induced bubbles which led to the dot com boom and bust, the real estate boom and bust and 2008 financial crisis

Today, the United States is no longer the stand-alone dominant economy and the dollars dominance is under serious attack.

Inflation is starting to rear its head, but with over $20 trillion in debt, its highly unlikely any attempt to use raise interest rates to control it will end well.

Challenges and Opportunities

History also says there are winners and losers in every economic disruption.

When the dollar was crashing in the 70s and gold went from $42 to nearly $800 an ounce, many people lost and some got wealthy.

We know many people who made millions coming out of the 2008 financial crisis.

So changing times dont mean the end of the world only the end of the world as we know it.

A NEW world of opportunity is on the horizon. We’re gathering in Fort Lauderdale with some really smart folks to unlock the mysteries of the Future of Money and Wealth.

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